Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Order of wedding Speeches

One question i get asked a lot is what is the order of the speeches and when do we do them?

Speeches are an important focus for a wedding they are a good way of thanking all those who have helped make your day a resounding success. The speeches normally come at the end of the wedding meal (wedding Breakfast) , and each speech is usually followed by a toast but as it is your wedding you should be able to decide when is best for you..

The usual order in which wedding speeches are made is:

1. The bride’s father, who proposes a toast to the bride and groom

2. The bridegroom, who proposes a toast to the bridesmaids

3. The best man, responding on behalf of the bridesmaids, who finishes his speech by reading out any messages, then makes a toast to the bride and groom

4. The bride’s speech – not traditional, but a nice touch and many brides now choose to make one.

BUT many people decide to do weddings the way they want which may mean there is only one or no speeches or that they say something at the evening reception only, I always ask clients what THEY want, I can follow tradition or exactly how you want, I don't try to impose tradition if that is not what YOU want.

I can provide a number of wireless Microphones to make speeches  be audible even from nervous quiet speakers.

I am  also  at hand to help out should any nerves kick in to encourage the guests to clap and cheer at the right moments  and to make sure the transition of the people giving speeches is handled professionally.

I have been thanked many times by  people who have done speeches that i made them feel at ease or i stepped in to avoid embarrassment at just the right time.

Speeches can be scary! I understand this and help make them a joy rather than a torture!

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